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Our different types of truffles (sclerotia): Tampanensis, Galindoi, Atlantis and Mexicana A. Available in packages of 10 and 15 grams and accompanied by an informative brochure in several languages.

Sclerotia Atlantis

This is a close relative of Psilocybe mexicana and was discovered in Fulton County, Georgia (USA). It has a pleasant taste and smell, and many users feel it's more potent than the other sclerotia.

Available in: 10 g 15 g

Sclerotia DragonSlayer

The DragonSlayer wasn't bred to look like any fantasy creature in particular, but rather to be a high-quality magic truffle from Dutch master growers.

Available in: 10 g 15 g

Sclerotia Galindoi

After extensive examination, world expert Gaston Guzman described Psilocybe galindoi as a new species. It is found growing in and near forests in Mexico, most recently in Georgia.

Available in: 10 g 15 g

Sclerotia Mexicana

These sclerotia are formed by the original sacred mushroom from Oaxaca, Mexico, that was discovered in 1958 by mycologist R. Gordon Wasson and studied by Albert Hofmann.

Available in: 10 g 15 g

Sclerotia Tampanensis

Discovered in 1977 by Dr. Steven Pollock in Tampa, Florida (USA). A few years later mycologist Paul Stamets developed a method to cultivate sclerotia, which became the original "Philosopher's stones".

Available in: 10 g 15 g